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Drive Targeted Traffic to your website


Klixmart can provide your business with a highly effective Managed Pay Per Click Campaign that will drive targeted search traffic (potential customers) directly to your website. These potential customers are actively seeking information, products and services by typing in relative search terms (keywords).


Fact: £100 worth of media (clicks) could drive as many as 2500 targeted visitors directly to your website or even a specific page or product on your website.


Managed Pay Per Click Campaigns allow advertisers to purchase high positions in the search results by bidding for keywords or phrases for a specified cost per click. Within a few hours a brand new web page can be on the front page of a major search engine by utilising a Managed Pay Per Click Campaign. Although extremely effective Pay Per Click campaigns need to be carefully planned and managed. Pick the wrong strategy and Pay Per Click advertising can quickly burn a hole in your pocket. Pick the right strategy however and you can have literally thousands of visitors swarming all over your website in no time at all.


Our Managed Pay Per Click Campaigns help take all the guesswork out of the equation, we'll set up and manage your Pay Per Click Campaign for you, leaving you to get on with what you do best; running your business.


Managing a Pay Per Click Campaign can be a time consuming business, requiring special, skills, tools, a defined strategy and expertise.

Handled properly a Managed Pay Per Click Campaign can render a substantial Return On Investment (ROI) and it's becoming an extremely popular form of Internet Marketing.

A Managed Pay Per Click Campaign scores highly over traditional Search Engine Optimisation in several areas, particularly when targeting traffic for new or seasonal products and recently launched websites. Unlike Search Engine Optimisation a Managed Pay Per Click Campaign can be switched on and off to suit market trends or buying patterns and is very quick to implement.

It doesn't stop with search engines your Pay Per Click adverts could also be displayed on other websites. Many websites derive extra revenue displaying advertising on their pages, these are often referred to as "contextual ads". You may have seen "Ads by Goooooogle" (Google Adsense) on some websites for instance.

It is possible to specify if your ads will appear on global or regional search engines or whether or not they appear as contextual ads on other websites.

There are two main players in Pay Per Click Advertising. Google and Overture. They operate differently from each other but both can provide stunning results when managed properly.

Contact us for more information about Managed Pay Per Click Campaigns.


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