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Friday 14th January 2005

Pro email address 'a must'

Story from Business Europe:


A recent survey by UK hosting company "Easily" has produced some interesting findings. Of 1500 participants 88% gave a resounding thumbs down to businesses that use "HOTMAIL" "YAHOO" "AOL" etc. for their business email address. At Kilxmart we have always encouraged our clients to use "domain based" email addresses i.e. but that figure of 88% has surprised even us. Well done the consumer!

Contact us to get a more professional email address today.

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Thursday 16th December 2004

Online sales grow 22% to record $2.67 billion last week, comScore reports

Story from Internet Retailer:


Online sales for the week ending Dec. 12 reached $2.67 billion, an increase of 22% compared to $2.19 billion during the same week last year, comScore Networks Inc. reports. It is the highest number ever reported by comScore for online weekly sales.

Online sales exceeded $400 million each day between Dec. 6 and Dec. 10, comScore reports. Before this year, online retail sales had crossed the $400 million mark only once before, Dec. 9, 2003.

Read the full story at:


Thursday 11th November 2004

Consumers flock to online shops

Story from BBC NEWS:


Online buying habits have changed dramatically in the last five years, a survey has found.
Of 2,000 web-using Britons interviewed a whopping 94% had bought something online, the survey found. This compares to just 37% five years ago.

Half of those interviewed believed that 40% or more of their purchases would be done online in five years time.

The figures suggest that online retailers will prosper during the run-up to Christmas.

The research reveals that many consumers are surprised at the speed with which they have taken to online shopping.

Almost three-quarters, 74%, of those questioned said they used the net much more now than they thought they would.

Many said there was still more they could do online and expected to use the net to do more shopping and organising in the future.


  • 94% have bought online compared to 37% five years ago
  • 67% surprised by how much they use the internet now
  • Nearly half think that 40% of purchases will be online in five years time
  • 74% say internet usage has soared
  • 85% buy more often now than five years ago
  • 96% believe the internet has made it easier to buy goods and services

Christmas frenzy


James Roper, chief executive of the Interactive Media in Retail Group, said the results broadly tallied with research his organisation had done.

Mr Roper said that there were around 18 million UK adults, 45% of the total, who have bought something online. About 12 million of these people were regular internet shoppers.

Those that do buy online, he said, had healthy budgets.

"On average they spend about £100 a month, although this rises to £400 at Christmas," he said.

Research firm Forrester predicts that this Christmas European online spending will exceed that in the US for the first time.

The frenzy around Christmas online shopping has already begun and internet buying is becoming the norm outside of the festive season as well.

IMRG predicts that one third of shopping will be done online over the next two years.

Buying a piece of the moon

Broadband will be an important factor in this.

"We expect half of all home to have broadband in the next two years and having broadband means people shop online," said Mr Roper.

Both IMRG and the YouGov survey agree that consumer confidence in online shopping has greatly improved.

The survey was commissioned by Direct Line to coincide with the fifth anniversary of

"Direct Line has seen massive increases in online traffic - as much as 75% from 2002 to 2003 which reflects attitudes highlighted in our research," said Justin Skinner, e-commerce spokesperson for the company.

96% believed that the internet had made it easier to find and buy goods and services.

The convenience of online shopping has led people to make some unusual purchases, the survey found.

These include an acre of land on the moon, two kilograms of worms and a vampire killing kit.

The research was conducted by internet polling organisation YouGov on behalf of insurance company Direct Line.

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Tuesday 9th November 2004

Microsoft Is Set to Unveil its Internet Search Service





Microsoft Corp. on Thursday will start its long-awaited Internet search service, adding fresh competition to Google Inc.

The Redmond, Wash. software maker on Thursday will open to the public its service for searching the Internet after eighteen months of development. The company is trying to tap into the lucrative business now dominated by Google of combining Internet search and advertising.

A Microsoft spokeswoman reached today declined to comment on the service. Microsoft, which has been testing the service on a limited basis since June, has said it will start the public version of the service by year-end. The company is also working on technology for searching for data on personal computers that will likely debut sometime later this year.

Microsoft enters an increasingly crowded field of players. In the past two years, Yahoo Inc., the No. 2 search provider to Google, has revamped its service through $2 billion of acquisitions of search-related specialists.

Microsoft currently licenses Yahoo's search engine for use on its Web sites. It also has a contract to receive search-related advertising from Yahoo. That contract expires next year.

Executives at Microsoft's MSN online group, which is building the search service, have previously said the company is trying to build a service that better tailors results to searchers' queries than current services do.

Internet search companies are currently scrambling to increase the relevance of results to users. They have launched special "local" sites that help consumers to find goods and services in their own neighborhoods. Some now let users record their searches and Web sites they visit and search only within them. Their latest push involves software that searches e-mails and files on PC hard drives. Google last month released as a test version of its technology for searching PCs.

Microsoft brings a big wallet and a track record of coming from behind in areas that it deems critical. The company belatedly recognized the importance of the Internet and ultimately steamrolled Netscape Communications in Web browser software.

Scott Kessler, and analyst at Standard & Poor's in New York, says Microsoft's move into search is significant, but that it's "well behind Google and Yahoo in terms of consumer perceptions about search. It's going to be an uphill battle for them."

Article courtesy of The Wall Street Journal


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Friday 5th November 2004

Kent gets UK's first WiMAX network

By Tim Richardson

A next-generation wireless broadband network is being created in Kent which will provide high-speed wireless services to residential and business punters in the South East of England. Trials are due to start in January ahead of a full commercial launch by the middle of next year.

Telabria - a privately-held company based in Kent - says the decision to build the UK's first WiMAX network will "fundamentally change the structure of broadband networks" by providing a wireless alternative to fixed line communications.

With a population of more than one and a half million people covering 1,442 square miles, Telabria intends to deliver wireless broadband services combining voice, video and data to towns and built-up areas as well as to Kent's more rural regions.

Go to "The Register" for the full story


Friday 8th October 2004

Broadband is great, say business bosses


By Tim Richardson
Broadband is the bee's knees, according to business bosses in Britain.

More than eight in ten directors admit that investing in broadband has helped boost productivity while two thirds identified a direct link between high-speed net access and increased profits.

Go to "The Register" for the full story


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16th September 2004
DSL-to-go arrives in Berlin

By Jan Libbenga
With the installation of the first base station in the Park Inn-Hotel at Alexanderplatz, Berlin now has DSL-to-go, a new service for road warriors who need broadband access wherever they are, without changing the provider and without reconfiguring the settings of their computer or PDA. DSL-to-go is developed by Airdata, a Stuttgart company that will offer wireless DSL in 30 metropolitan areas in Germany. And no, it isn't Wi-Fi. The company uses exclusive frequencies in the 2.6 GHz band for its 3G TDD (local loop) technology, which exceeds the range of today's WLAN hotspots.

Go to "The Register" for the full story


14th September 2004

Klixmart become suppliers of Internet Hosting, Broadband and Telephony services.

We are pleased to anounce that Klixmart are now suppliers of Hosting, Broadband and Telephony services. We can now offer special bundled packages of Broadband, Hosting, Cheap calls, 0870 numbers and many other Telephony Solutions as well as any of these services on a stand alone basis.

Go to the Hosting page to find out more.

Contact us to discuss our hosting, broadband and telephony services.


6th September 2004

The new Klixmart website is launched

The new Klixmart website is here. Feel free to browse our site and keep coming back as we will be adding new content regularly. You can add us to your favourites or tell a friend from the right hand menu.


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