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Affiliate Marketing Guide




A guide to affiliate marketing.


If you have a business that you would like to promote or have a website with high traffic that you would like to capitalise on then you may wish to find out more about Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is all about partnerships between one business (the Merchant) and other businesses or website owners (the Affiliates).


The Affiliates advertise the Merchant's goods or services on their websites either by text links like this one to or by banner ads like those you can see in the right hand column of this page. When a website visitor clicks on one of these Affiliate links they are taken to the Merchant's website taking with them the Affiliate's unique affiliate code or id. When a purchase is made the Affiliate is credited with a commission for the sale.


Although some Merchants run their own Affiliate schemes, this process can be quite complicated and time consuming for many. This is where the Affiliate Networks come in. Affiliate Networks look after all of the tracking on behalf of both Merchants and Affiliates alike. They sign up Affiliates on behalf of the Merchants providing them with resources where they can obtain links, banners and many other useful tools by which to display their Merchant's goods and services as well as tracking statistics and even managing the payment of commissions. This leaves the Merchants and Affiliates to get on with what they do best while their Affiliate Marketing affairs are handled by a trusted, impartial third party, the Network.


There is another form of Affiliate Marketing that has grown to be quite popular which is called "Contextual Advertising".

One of the most popular forms of Contextual Advertising is "Ads by Goooooooogle" which can be found on many websites today. You can see an example of " Google Adwords" on our resources page. The idea behind this form of advertising and we will use Google as an example is that a website owner can apply to Google to display "Ads by Goooooooogle" or "Sponsored Links" on their website. Google supply the website owner with some simple HTML code which creates an area on the web page for the ads to be displayed. The Google robot scans the website page's text and matches the content with relevant ads.

Google then pays the website owner a percentage of the revenue they charge for each click that is generated from the website. Contextual advertising can be great for some websites but not so good for others as sometimes you can end up displaying your competitors ads all over your website. You do have a certain degree of control over this but it can be difficult to administer in some cases.

Contact us to find out more about Contextual Advertising.


If you are a prospective Merchant interested in finding out more about Affiliate Marketing please contact us for more information.

Affiliates, you can sign up to the following Networks directly from this website by clicking on their respective links. Contact us to find out more about how Klixmart can help drive more targeted traffic to your website..


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